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A mill traditionally refers to a place where grains are ground into flour, and it often involves a wheel or mechanism that harnesses the power of flowing water or wind to turn grinding stones. Our motto at Greater New Hope Church located in Millington, TN is "Hope in the Mill."


Just as a mill transforms raw grains into nourishing flour, Greater New Hope Church is a place where lives are transformed by the power of hope. The mill, symbolizing the journey of faith, grinds away the challenges and hardships, turning them into the spiritual sustenance that nourishes the soul. The flowing water or wind represents the Holy Spirit, guiding and propelling the transformative process. The stones of the mill symbolize the foundational truths found in the Bible, grinding away doubts and fears, leaving behind a refined and strengthened faith.

"Hope in the Mill" encapsulates the idea that, just as a mill processes raw materials into something valuable, so does the teaching of God's Word and our worship to Him conditions us to have faith regardless of life's challenge and builds enduring hope within us. We are certain that within the walls of Greater New Hope, you will encounter a dynamic and transformative spiritual journey. This is the church where discipleship and spiritual growth are not incidental but intentional, guiding us towards a deeper understanding of faith, love, and the enduring hope found in Christ.

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